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“Message of the Moment" was inspired by the people that Lisa J. comes in contact with in her everyday life, her own ups and downs, and the lessons she has learned by working with her beloved clients and listeners over the years.    

In a playful, yet poetic and unique style, Lisa has put together some of her most popular teachings over the years into one book. The messages are for you, your family, friends, children, and even can apply to your co workers.   

Each message has been written so anyone reading these messages of the moment can be inspired to live an authentic life, filled with inner peace and self love, all with a fresh perspective.    

“Message of the Moment" is a daily inspirational book to uplift, empower, and remind you of the greatest tool you have been given, yourself.   Read straight through or turn to a random page to get the message that you need for that moment.    

With Lisa's simple, yet truthful, and down to earth approach, her daily messages have been reaching people around the globe and uplifting spirits daily.   

Whatever way you choose to use this book, you can be sure that you will feel the positive, life changing, and loving messages from Lisa to you.   

Now you can have them wherever you go all in this one book.   As she always says, "wherever in the world you are, I am too."

List Price: $15.95
6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) 
Black & White on Cream paper
300 pages
Peeps Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-0985144838 
ISBN-10: 0985144831 

BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth  

Testimonials for "Message of the Moment" 

THANK YOU!!!August 28, 2013
Kai Valenzuela (Culver City, CA, US) - This review is from: Message of the Moment: Inspirational Thoughts of the Moment for the Moment (Paperback)
Lisa J. is an amazing teacher, she inspires you to live your TRUTH, be AUTHENTIC and OWN YOUR POWER!! It sounds wonderful, but when you don't know what that even means, or how much work it takes can be much easier to climb Mount Everest looking backwards. When I first came across Lisa through CBS radio about 4 years ago, I had lost my direction in life and although some parts of my life were good - I wanted to change many others for the better. Through her messages I started to realize that we have much more help at our reach than we are consciously aware of - and that includes our passed loves ones. I came to realize that many other listeners had similar questions/concerns about life, and she connected us in that moment with her messages from Spirit - no separation existed. Her messages inspired me to question my own actions, and how I was or was not taking responsibility for my life circumstances, and that can be difficult, especially when it is much easier to turn the other way and/or blame someone else. Yet, when you can take back that power and own your reality, that's a turning point!! That is what Lisa J.'s messages did for me!! Check it out for yourself ...and you will be another walking testament of how these messages will (gently) push you to become a better you. Thanks, Lisa ...your book is like having peeps of your radio show (pun intended) wherever I am. I love the O.M.A.A.T. section at the end - Awesome!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing!September 9, 2013
Vincent Onstott Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Message of the Moment: Inspirational Thoughts of the Moment for the Moment (Paperback)
I listened to Lisa J when she had her radio show. I've seen her in gallery sessions and have had my own private session with her. She was dead on to everything that was going on at the time. The day the book arrived, I was having a difficult day with a family member and randomly opened the book to page 157. It reads: Message of the Moment: Why do you let people get to you? Because you're not living for you, you're living for them. Life is short; some people are going to like you...some people will not....some people will have your back....some people will not, does it matter? I bet you'll find that when you look at what you do have, and who you have in your life, you'll find you're the luckiest person ever. Live and prosper by the laws of the universe..... They're designed for YOU!! This was EXACTLY what I needed, even though my husband had told me the same thing many times the last 17 years. The title is right on, It's a Message Of The Moment!! I plan on buying this book and giving it as gifts.

5.0 out of 5 stars A little book of wisdomSeptember 10, 2013
This review is from: Message of the Moment: Inspirational Thoughts of the Moment for the Moment (Paperback)

I've been listening to Lisa J. Smith on the radio and on podcasts for about 4 years. Over the years she taught me to trust myself, my decisions, my life. She has taught me to let go of situations that do not serve me, and she has taught me to love me no matter what. Lisa J. Smith never fails to surprise me with her effortless wisdom & whole-hearted love. This book is just the icing on the cake! I love to just open it up on to a random page and read what the moment is telling me. I remember that I had come across a song on the radio that I had really connected with and later when I got home, I opened up this book and it read "Did you know the messages in music and lyrics are telling you stories? Are you paying attention? What are they telling you?" - it was a really cool synchronicity! I really want to share this book with my friends but I don't want to give it up haha, so I may just have to buy them a copy. The best part is, that I bought a signed copy and I now have my own personalized message from Lisa J.! I really recommend this book to anyone!

Simply ProfoundSeptember 10, 2013
By S.D. -This review is from: Message of the Moment: Inspirational Thoughts of the Moment for the Moment (Paperback)

This is the second of Lisa J. Smith's book and it did not disappoint. Each message resonates truths that we all need to be reminded of so that we can not only understand ourselves, but each other and the universe. This book can be used as you would oracle cards. The messages are simple yet deeply profound and reassuring. This book resonates with the reader because it is the perfect message for that moment. I highly recommend this book for everyone.

Shari D.

Wonderful Book-Great Advice September 11, 2013
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
I love this book. I use it everyday ! I open the book and read the message of the moment-it always has something to do with what is going on in my life. Great words of wisdom.

Good Stuff. A must readSeptember 13, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Message of the Moment: Inspirational Thoughts of the Moment for the Moment (Paperback)
Beautifully done. The messages are amazing and very heartfelt. My intent was to read a page a day, but I couldn't do it, I couldn't wait a full day to turn to next page. This book reminded me that I am an unique individual, and I will be the happiest if I pursue my dreams, in the way that best suits me. I don't need any do-overs or to live with regrets, because every step, every experience is part of my journey. Page 99 spoke to me the most.

It's a guarantee that I will be opening up this book daily, for messages to feed my soul. It's HUGS in a book. Lisa, you are a Rock star. Thank you for being you.....and sharing your inspiring words and motivation. 

Hello Lisa, 

I heard your interview tonight.  I absolutely loved your approach to living with peace within yourself. I also loved your energy so much.  I so had that peace and love for myself at one time, you brought me to tears I want it back so bad.  I also want to get your book,can you send the the info for your signed copy. Just wanted to send you my thanks.  I am so glad I was on to hear you tonight.  If you only helped one person tonight it was me!!!  You opened my eyes again,and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I hope to meet or talk to you one day.  God bless you and yours.  Love, light and many, many blessings to you!!!!!!!   

Julie                                                                                                                                        (248) 593-5227